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Puneet Bhatia

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Puneet Bhatia


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New Delhi,south delhi, Delhi, India

About Puneet Bhatia

PUNEET BHATIA "- What could be better to get carried away with your profession? This limitless joy never makes your job look like a job! This is the kind of relationship I have with DJ'ING. Listen to good music, do something and buy a lot ... I like to select and present the best music to my audience. 

I firmly believe that "there is no language in music." This is an atmosphere that amazes you and gives you a new thrill! So I always try to bring a unique touch to whatever genre I play in order to make it my own. 

The idea is to make my music one of the best DJs in India. I've been DJing for 20 years now and I strive to mix and update my collection every day. DJ in Delhi, I had the privilege of winning my crown in Bollywood, Punjabi, Lounge, Club, Retro and more ... Contact us to organize your party.

DJ Puneet Bhatia helps clients add music and melodies to their special events, he is very knowledgeable about the flow and never impresses the audience with his exciting musical taste, he is very attentive to the needs and demands of the clients. For the best results. Everyone loves and appreciates your albums and music collection.

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