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Barkha Kaul


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About Barkha Kaul

Barkha Kaul, now commonly known as Dj Barkha Kaul, began its DJ career in 2008 after 11 years as a supermodel. She attended Lakme India Fashion Week, Wills India Fashion Week, Bridal ASIA and many more. She also hosts TV shows on famous channels such as Zoom TV, ZEE TV, B4U, Life and Style and a few others. 

Barha has a natural talent for music. What did she do? She has made a name for herself as one of the most versatile and popular DJs in India. His favorite genres of music are Bollywood, hip hop and commercial house. Barkha is the only female DJ in India to have received several top honors as Best Female DJ until she mastered the art of music and rose to prominence in the industry, be it nightclubs, weddings, social gatherings and corporate events. 

A versatile and talented Dj Barkha, able to play different genres of music for different tastes at every event, she will definitely show off every time she touches the DJ booth. There is always a new rush for her to create something unique and exciting in every event she performs; She strives to stay on top of her guests 'moods and preferences and create an unforgettable experience that exceeds guests' expectations at every event. runs his own grooming school. 

The name Groom, which prepares and transforms girls and boys into professional models or performers, refers to the overall development of personality, communication skills, and self-promotion in the booming fashion and glamor industry.

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